BLS Group Course

8-10 participants

Manuals and certification included. Courses conducted on-site. Travel fee may apply for locations over 25 miles.

More details below.



Have a group anywhere from 8-10 people? Select which course for the group to take, and how many people are in the group. Be sure to read through the information below. Call us for scheduling and availability.  If you have 10 or more people in a group, call us for pricing and details.

Group Discount:
The enrollment fee is waived for a coordinator with a group of 8-10 participants, does not include certificate fee.  One discount will apply per group. We will accept one payment and one enrollment form per group or individual payments.  Please submit all payments with the enrollment form.  The group discount does not include the cost of course manual.  Group discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Group and Individual (Add-in) Enrollment:
We will try to form groups of 8-10 participants. Individuals may also be allowed to join a pre-scheduled group if space is available and permission granted. One separate enrollment form and payment per each add-in participant. 

Companies, businesses, organizations, or groups wanting to schedule large (8-10 participants) group courses must complete the group enrollment form. Groups are allowed to cancel and reschedule if done within five days of scheduled course date. It is best to reschedule another course(s) at the time of cancellation in order to better secure an available date.

Multiple Sessions:
Groups exceeding 10 or more participants may schedule multiple sessions. Additional course sessions are allowed only after completing the first course of 8-10 participants and must have at least 4 (10 max.) participants in any additional group(s). Our goal is to fill each course to the maximum capacity. For example, a group/company with 44 members would form 4 groups, 10 participants in the first 4 groups and 4 participants in the final group (or, any combination, as long as there are five group sessions). Larger groups (up to 18-20) are accepted with a 30-day notice.  Your desired date is not confirmed without an email confirmation from us.  Payment must be received and processed prior to confirmation. It is best to enroll multiple groups at the same time.  Please let us know if your group is opened to allowing individuals to join your group.

We prefer to have at least a 14-day notice for group requests.  Exceptions can be made. Your desired date is not confirmed without an email confirmation from us.

Group Payment and Cancellations:
Payment must be received and processed at least 10 days prior to the course date (for all group sessions). Payment for a group is received per group, regardless of the payment arrangement the company makes with individual course participants. If an individual cannot participant in the group training, for whatever reason, a refund will not be issued by the service provider. Individuals must reschedule following the individual enrollment procedures and they will be charged our regular course fee per individual.

Refunds are not given, however, if a group cannot commit to a pre-scheduled date(s), it may reschedule with the same or replacing participants within 30 days, provided cancellation notification is received at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled course date. A cancellation fee of $25 per participant may apply if cancelled after 7 days of a scheduled course. The coordinator must reschedule the course(s).  Enrollment information for replacement participants must be provided at time of rescheduling. 

Individuals added to a group that is cancelled may reschedule with another group at any time following the same cancellation notification deadline. 

Rescheduling privileges are not granted to no-show individuals or add-in enrollees or groups.  You must reschedule following the enrollment procedures.

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