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Times May vary and can be added upon request. Call to schedule your course.

Tulsa Schedule

(Times May vary and can be added upon request)


Per request for BLS Training (Group/onsite only) or Heartsaver (Individual or group onsite). 


9:30am-12:30pm: BLS Training
1:30-4:30pm: BLS Training
5:00-7:00pm: BLS Skills
7:00-10:00pm: BLS Training
11:30pm-1:30am: BLS Skills


9:30am-12:30pm: BLS Training
1:30-4:30pm: BLS Training


7:30am-9:30am: BLS Skills
10:00am-1:00pm: BLS Training

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Basic Life Support (BLS)

This course is for healthcare professionals and other personnel who need to know CPR and other basic cardiovascular life support skills in a wide variety of in-facility and pre-hospital settings.

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Program Purpose

The primary purpose of our courses is to help the participant to recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac, breathing, and first aid emergencies.  The courses in this program teach participants the skills necessary to give immediate care to an injured or ill person until medical care arrives.  Our Program offers a choice of CPR and AED courses to meet the various training needs of a diverse audience. 


Basic Life Support (BLS)

This course is for healthcare professionals and other personnel who need to know CPR and other basic cardiovascular life support skills in a wide variety of in-facility and pre-hospital settings.

All of our courses are delivered in a traditional classroom setting and combine lecture with hands-on skills sessions. Blended learning courses (online and classroom) are also available.  The Online portion, also known as the BLS Blended or eLearning Course, is done in your own time with the American Heart Association at cpr.heart.com. Please note that there is a separate fee for the online portion applied by the AHA .

Once your training has been successfully completed, you’ll receive a two-year certification and have the ability to access refresher materials at any time during your certification period along with access to free CPR/AED/FA apps.

Heartsaver for Adult, Child and/or Infant

This course is designed to help non-medical professionals provide assistance in times of crisis. Our courses allow you to gain an understanding of CPR and first aid best practices for a wide range of conditions.  The Heartsaver course also covers information on administering CPR and using AEDs – allowing you to become certified in all three (CPR, AED and First Aid) in one convenient class.

Our CPR/AED training courses allow you to learn how – and when – to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).  The average response time for first responders once 911 is called is 8-12 minutes. For each minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival reduces by approximately 10%.

Learning how to use an AED properly will take just a few hours out of your day – but it can help prevent life threatening injury or fatality, and help give someone more time with those they love.

Certificate Requirements

  • Attend the full class
  • Participate in all course activities
  • Demonstrate competency in all required skills

Certificate Issued and Validity Period

Once you’ve successfully completed a course, your certificate will be sent to you within 24 hours via email. 

Although certificates are most likely received via email to individuals immediately at the end of the course, we have to allow at least a 24-hour timeframe in case of uncontrolled circumstances. Groups will receive eCards within 72 hours of confirmed payment.

All certifications are valid for 2 years from the date of course passing. Upon successful completion of our courses, participants receive an American Heart Association certification specific to the course completed. You will also receive an automatic email notification to recertify with us at 10% off the regular price of our courses at the time of recertification. Notifications are emailed 30 days prior to recertification due date. Be sure to provide us with an accurate email address and update accordingly by filling out the contact field box or contacting our office.

Products and Materials

The following course materials are available at the AHA website in digital and print formats or available for purchase with us:

  • Heartsaver for Non-Healthcare Providers Student's Manual (required)
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers Student's Manual (optional)

Course Objectives are to Teach Each Participant to:

  • Describe how to recognize an emergency and size up the scene.
  • Explain how to activate and work with the emergency medical services system.
  • Understand legal concepts as they apply to lay responders
  • Understand consent and the purpose of Good Samaritan laws.
  • Identify how to reduce the risk of disease transmission when giving care.
  • Check for responsiveness for life-threatening and non-life-threatening conditions.
  • Explain how to check for unresponsiveness in an injured or ill person.
  • Recognize and describe appropriate care for a person with signs and symptoms of a heart attack.
  • Describe the links in the Cardiac Chain of Survival.
  • Demonstrate CPR and use of an AED.
  • Demonstrate first aid for a choking person.
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of shock and describe appropriate first aid care.

Course Availability

  • Weekdays
  • Evenings
  • Saturdays

Private Courses

We will be more than willing to conduct a private training at our location for individuals and groups. The training can be arranged at a day and time that is convenient for you, and preferably outside of our regular business hours. There is one fee for each individual in our private courses. Please contact us for details.

Group Discount

The enrollment fee is waived for a coordinator with a group of 6-10 participants, does not include certificate fee.  One discount will apply per group. We will accept one payment and one enrollment form per group or individual payments.  Please submit all payments with the enrollment form.  The group discount does not include the cost of course manual.  Group discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Group and Individual (Add-in) Enrollment

We will try to form groups of 6-10 participants. Individuals may also be allowed to join a pre-scheduled group if space is available and permission granted. One separate enrollment form and payment per each add-in participant. 

Companies, businesses, organizations, or groups wanting to schedule large (6-10 participants, or more) group courses must have each participant complete an enrollment form. Groups are allowed to cancel and reschedule if done within five days of scheduled course date. It is best to reschedule another course(s) at the time of cancellation in order to better secure an available date.

Note: An enrollment form is not required for our Friends and Family CPR Training.

Multiple Sessions

Groups exceeding 10 or more participants may schedule multiple sessions. Additional course sessions are allowed only after completing the first course of 6-10 participants and must have at least 4 (9 max.) participants in any additional group(s). Our goal is to fill each course to the maximum capacity. For example, a group/company with 44 members would form 4 groups, 9 participants in the first 4 groups and 8 participants in the final group (or, any combination, as long as there are five group sessions). Larger groups (up to 18-20) are accepted with a 30-day notice.  Your desired date is not confirmed without an email confirmation from us.  Payment must be received and processed prior to confirmation. It is best to enroll multiple groups at the same time.  Please let us know if your group is opened to allowing individuals to join your group.

Group Payment and Cancellations

Payment must be received and processed at least 10 days prior to the course date (for all group sessions).

Payment for a group is received per group, regardless of the payment arrangement the company makes with individual course participants. If an individual cannot participant in the group training, for whatever reason, a refund will not be issued by the service provider. Individuals must reschedule following the individual enrollment procedures and they will be charged our regular course fee per individual.

Refunds are not given, however, if a group cannot commit to pre-scheduled date(s), it may reschedule with the same or replacing participants within 30 days, provided cancellation notification is received at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled course date. A cancellation fee of $25 per participant may apply if cancelled after 7 days of a scheduled course. The coordinator must reschedule the course(s).  Enrollment information for replacement participants must be provided at time of rescheduling. 

Individuals added to a group that is cancelled may reschedule with another group at any time following the same cancellation notification deadline. 

Rescheduling privileges are not granted to no-show individuals or add-in enrollees or groups.  You must reschedule following the enrollment procedures.

Late Arrival/No Call-No Show

If you are more than 15 minutes late for a course, you must reschedule and take a course within 30 days of initial course date.  If done within the 30-day time-frame, you will receive the same discounted rate. If not taken within the 30-day cutoff period, you will be charged the regular course fee for the same or another course. This also applies to unapproved cancellations.

We appreciate our customers and we value their time as well as our time. Refunds are not given to an enrollee that does not give appropriate notification that they are not able to attend a prescheduled course.

Enrollment Confirmation

Enrollment is confirmed by email to individuals enrolling for a course with us at cpr.heart.org.

Same-Day/Late Enrollment

If space is available, same-day enrollment is allowed at an additional charge of $10 (cash) per course/participant.  You must contact us no later than 24 hours of a course date to confirm seating availability.  You can check seating availability by email or phone.  Confirmation must be complete the day prior to course date.  Online payment only for same day enrollment.  This only applies to individuals.

Location, Space, and Equipment Requirements (On-site)

We will provide group courses at your location for class sizes ranging from 3-10 participants per group or more. If you have larger groups you’d like to enroll, we can schedule as many sessions as necessary.  If less than three participants, we may be able to schedule them with a larger group at our location. 

Group courses must be held at a public facility such as a business, office, meeting room, school, daycare, health care facility, church, etc.  Courses cannot be held at a home or outdoor location. The area in which the training will take place must accommodate table top space with chairs for the number of participants enrolled in the course and floor space for the hands-on portion which includes manikins (1:3 manikin/participant ratio). 

A television and DVD player with remote control is needed for the video instructions. Let us know at enrollment if you need us to provide a DVD player for your group.

The location must be clean and safe, with appropriate lighting, AC and heating, and restroom facilities for men and women.  Unless taking the course, children are not allowed in the same room the course will be held in.  Minor participants must sign our parental/guardian consent form.

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